Zimmerman Out on Bail the Twitter Lynch Mob Begins

George Zimmerman was released on $150,000 bail last night. Many of the clueless left are not happy about it and they quickly voiced how they really feel on Twitter. Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy.com is keeping an eye on all the vile, vicious and flat-out death threats being tweeted by degenerates with no clue on Twitter.

I know of people who have been suspended and banned for saying far less than what these monsters are posting…

(More tweets like these over at Twitchy)

So they wanted him arrested, he was arrested. Now that Zimmerman is out on bail the monsters are upset and want to kill him. Where are the calls for civility and to tone down the rhetoric from Emperor Obama, Nancy Pelosi who “saw this kind of rhetoric before” and other leaders? Oh wait its their own kind acting out so it doesn’t apply to them to be civil! What you are seeing is escalation into even darker times.

Many legal experts are suggesting the prosecution has nothing solid for this case. If I am right Zimmerman is going to walk and blood will be spilled. When… if that happens any blood spilled will be on the hands of Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, the Black Panthers, several clueless Congress members like Rep. Frederica Wilson and pretty much the entire state controlled media. They have amped up the brainless drones on misinformation into a frenzy ready to kill! This could in fact create a nice little crisis for Emperor Obama to full advantage of in advancing his radical agenda. Like Jackson said Trayvon is the “perfect storm“!