We cannot survive another four years of Obama’s radical agenda. We can survive through O N E Romney term while during those four years we bring the third-party into power. When the 2016 presidential election rolls in the third-party will be an outright threat to the establishment (R’s & D’s).

November 6th you are going to have to choose between Romney or Obama. Anything else is a vote for Obama. Those saying they won’t vote, write someone in or will vote third-party go buy a Obama ’12 bumper sticker and t-shirt now. Yes I’m sorry it’s that simple NO ONE like the choices we have but it’s what we got!
Consider this for those who have to stick to their guns:

Obama gets 40% of the votes
Romney gets 33%
Third party/write-in 28% = Obama’s second term
Is this what you want? I will say what many fear to say in public. This is the one election where you have to put principle aside and vote for the nation. Is Romney great? NO, but Romney isn’t a commie, eat dog, make up girlfriends for a book, have ties to radicals from Bill “bomb the Pentagon” Ayers to the Muslim Brotherhood! How much more do you have to read and hear about to understand Obama must be removed from power? Sticking to your guns/ principle I GET IT! Believe me I understand but you must see if we stay this course we are on we won’t survive under a 2nd Obama term. This says how I feel on this…