Pelosi Spewing Propaganda Before Being Unable to Answer What Dems Will Do If Obamacare is Overruled

‘President was a jobs creator from day one’

I think this nut just broke Wasserman Schultz’s record of spewing more lies and deceit in 3 min than anyone else in DC. You cannot even get through the first 6 seconds of this without your eyeballs shooting out of your head ‘job creator from day one’!
She must have had a refresher course in Goebbels Propaganda 101! Reduce the deficit, blame Bush, saved and created jobs, etc.

Then she gets hit with the coming Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare and what they will do if it’s ruled unConstitutional. She of course comes apart and rambles on. Many of us know better and know exactly what they will do, push for single payer since its been the Emperors goal from the beginning.

‘Obstruction is the agenda of the republican party’