236 Years Ago…

… today the colonists declared their independence from King George III. They put their lives, fortune and sacred honor on the line for freedom and the pursuit of happiness. By signing the Declaration our Founding Fathers were signing their own death warrant! They knew what had to be done and stayed the course knowing the consequences if they failed.

Through the American Revolutionary War the nation rid itself of a tyrannical king and in exchange 236 years later we now have a president an Emperor and 535 kings and queens…..

Today we have no elected leaders in government willing to put their career, fortune or sacred honor on the line… let alone their life. We have gone from courageous men and women willing to fight to be free to cowards unwilling to do what is necessary
in Saving the Republic.

We have more taxes and less liberties today than they did 236 years ago; heck even as early as the last 50 -100 years! Keep that in mind while you celebrate today America. Remember what was done to you just last week with yet another tax, ObamaTax, being mandated upon you.

The Founders would have never tolerated a mandate to purchase anything from King George let alone impose anything on Americans after winning independence!

The colonists practically went to war over 1, O N E tax! Here we are today with more taxes than anyone could have ever dreamed of, loss of liberties and an insurance mandate that has been upheld by our highest court.

The Founders are rolling in their graves while you barbecue, drink, attend parties, enjoy parades & fireworks celebrating the very “freedom” they sacrificed for. You have systematically allowed a modern-day tyrannical government to chip away at those very freedoms they put everything on the line for to win!

Our Founders didn’t solely express their patriotism writing their opinions, reading pamphlets and getting worked up expressing their anger to only those close to them, they lived what they believed. Keyboard Patriotism today won’t cut it…

read it, live it.