Condi VP Frontrunner Choice?! Really?

Have you seen or heard about this yet?

Condoleezza Rice is highly intelligent and well versed but frontrunner for VP? Seriously?! Am I the only one who sees a major problem with her and the constant 24/7 blame Bush routine from the admin.

It’s like picking Sarah Palin to run as VP. Condi will never be on topic/ issue always on damage control about what happened during the evil Bush Admin reign of terror. Of all the choices out there Condi is potentially the frontrunner?!! Really?
If this is true, if she gets the VP pick I think this election is over. Way too much baggage, and you can hear it now all the blame Bush bs, another continuation of Bush policies, more of the same blah blah and it will stick with voters on the fence! The Emperor and all his campaign cronies mouths must be watering right now….