Paul Ryan: Do You Want Barack Obama to be Re-Elected? Then Don’t Vote For Ron Paul

I am trying to locate a longer clip of this exchange between Ryan and an attendee to this event today. Regardless he has made it clear about anyone running third party this time around. Any third party candidate will only result in favor of the Emperor. You can vote your conscience, stand by your principles but understand this:

1) Your third party candidate has absolutely no chance of winning.
2) As much as you cannot stand either of the candidates your third party vote is helping the worst POTUS in US history gain a second term!
3) How high will you hold your head sticking to your guns voting third party, bragging about it when/if BHO gets a second term? I guarantee you will not be welcomed in public.

Romney is not a marxist, Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, anti-capitalist, calls the Constitution a charter of negative liberties, believes in wealth redistribution etc etc. The two are as different as night and day.

Do we need a third party? YES!! But not now it is too dangerous to risk now. All we want to do is buy more time folks. Get the marxist out of the WH and buy ourselves a few more years to get some sane ppl into office. If you cannot see that then you have bigger issues!