Larry Pratt, Exec Dir of Gun Owners of America, Destroys Piers Morgan on Sandy Hook Shooting

Morgan is a certified POS. The only nonsense is every word coming out of his mouth. Morgan prefers a defenseless population than those capable of defending themselves! He also seems to forget history that it was his ancestors who tried to confiscate arms that started the American Revolution!

Morgan selectively forgot about the Norway massacre where over 70 people were massacred NOT MANY YEARS AGO!

An AR-15 is not an assault rifle, this is a lie created by the left over 15 years ago.

Let me close by saying, hey Piers you pompous ass F-k You! I’m calling for a national boycott CNN and any ANY and all businesses or organizations associated with Piers Morgan yes that means, if necessary, charities too! This asshole needs to understand there are consequences for his actions/ words!