Glenn Beck Goes Off on Peddlers of Extreme Anti-Gun Sentiment in America: ‘I Remember Telling You This Would Come’

More insanity from the left seeking to destroy our Second Amendment rights but installing fear into uninformed people and our children.

I want to take this time to say the boycott by 54+ gun makers towards anti-Second Amendment states and govt agencies is commendable BUT its meaningless because there are too many out there that will sell to them. What we need is what I have been trying to get the ball rolling on and for some reason NO ONE will help me.

Those of you engaged in contacting gun makers to stop sales, service etc to gun makers need to STOP contacting these companies and instead focus your efforts on the ammunition makers. The police and govt have enough weapons what they need is the ammo that these weapons fire. If you haven’t heard billions of rounds are being bought by the feds drying up the market. We the people should have “first dibs” on the ammo right now and we don’t.

So I’m asking folks to please pressure ammo makers to stop fulfilling the huge ammo orders by the feds and state agencies until the shelves in stores have product on them again. What good is it for anyone here let alone the nation to buy guns if there is no ammo? We need the ammo, it was the Founders belief that the people should be just as well armed and supplied as the military and by the looks of it the majority isn’t.

STR MLPlease start contacting all the ammo manufacturers and pressure them to stop supplying the anti-Second Amendment states and federal agencies. The government has enough ammo to fight an Iraqi/Afghan war for 24 years. They have enough ammo to put 5 rounds into every single American. They don’t need anymore we do, so please join me and make this happen.