Rush: GOP is Absent Leadership

The GOP is dead and what we saw yesterday hopefully is the birth of the third party!

Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and a few others MUST break off from the republican party and start a third party from within Congress NOW! It IS THE ONLY way a third party will have a chance and be taken seriously. There is no way a third party can be started from the outside to be a threat to the establishment(D’s & R’s). This new party cannot be called TEA party or have any relation due to the bad blood and negative connotations associated with it. We need something new and fresh started with no associated stereotypes!!

They must LEAD the nation from within Congress otherwise I truly fear we will be handed Jeb Bush or some other dope in 2016. Rubio is borderline right now, I think the soul takers of DC are trying to win him over “if you just do/ say X, we’ll get you the nomination”.

Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz right now have the wind on their back and support from the people. IMO there are many within both the republican and democrat parties who want out but are afraid to make the move. If these men take the lead I think we will see an exodus from both parties to this new one where the republican party will become inconsequential composed of progressives while true conservs leave to join Paul, Cruz and Lee.

Question is how can we get them to see this to make the move?