Obama Admin Under Fire For Massive Surveillance Of Phone, Internet Use

I’m curious how many scandals it will take to get emperor 0 out of office? Don’t worry I’m not holding my breath!

Here are the headlines from Drudge Report last night…

Scary stuff huh! Best advice to folks concerned is if you have been engaged in activity that is criminal or borderline criminal, adultery, theft, things that could be truly damaging come clean! The sooner you out yourself the better, and it leaves your enemies powerless. You control the situation not them, either way you will burn but at least it’s by your own hand!

Now if the worst you have done will cause major embarrassment the same applies or you can wait it out. With the times we are in most people will probably blow off that kind of activity! “Oh he/ she is just a little freak!” It’s amazing what we will now accept but that’s the world we live in now where posting compromising pics of ourselves, sexting and going to XXX sites is not looked down on as it was years ago. How many risky pics have you seen “from that party” that got shared with all your pals is floating around? Nothing really happened to those in the pic but maybe some name calling, jokes, and embarrassment right! Life went on!

I guess it depends on what you did and who will get hurt in the end! Keep that in mind when you are on the phone, texting, typing, vid conferencing, surfing the web, emailing folks, writing on your blog!! Then again is that what Big Brother wants you to do? Is that not a form of control through sheer fear of what you do might be used against you?! Hmm makes you think! Welcome to 1984!

Be careful thought criminals!