The Obama IRS Targeting Scandal in Five Minutes – Unbelievable Abuse of Power

We are in 1776 now there is no doubt! The question is what part of 1776 are we in?!

I think what’s even worse about all this is our do nothing Congress with all their outrage! All they want to do is have hearing after hearing talk, talk, talk. We are tired of the talk, we want action! We want to see people at the least indicted at this point. I mean how much more info do you need?

As for folks hopes to abolish the IRS, we have a major problem with that. We can assume a bill would make it out of the House, but coming out of the Senate under Harry Reid is not likely. Even if it did said bill would have to go to the president. Do you really think he would sign a bill taking power away from himself, since the IRS does his dirty work? Do you really think he would abolish the IRS knowing it is the enforcement agency for 0bamacare?! Don’t hold your breath.