John Bolton Blasts Obama Admin For ‘Taking A Pass’ On Addressing Egypt Situation

Have you noticed the pattern from the imperial emperor yet? Who did he support during Iran’s Green Revolution? Who did he support during Egypt’s uprising in 2011? Who did he support in Libya?

Emperor 0 will always come out in support of the radical islamists in all of the Arab  uprisings. Anytime you have the people rising up against the radicals he is silent.  It definitely backfired in Libya, it will in Syria too. Now in Egypt with his buddy Morsi out, he is asking for caution! Why? Because his pals in the Muslim Brotherhood are getting yanked as the people rising up are saying enough with the Brotherhood and sharia!

I’m surprised people in the media haven’t pointed this out, and it doesn’t have to be islamic radicals. 0 supported all factions that work against the true freedom fighters from the middle east right here to the USA when he supported Occupy!