Krauthammer RIPS Obama: Talks About Economy ‘As If He’s Been a Bystander… It’s His Economy’

Krauthammer ripped Darth Hussein that this is his economy his policies, but pay attention to what era he referenced our economy to… “the worst recovery since WW2”. Anytime someone references that era they are talking about the Great Depression.

Once again a reference is made comparing our economy to the depression but no one will admit that our current state is as bad as it was in the 30’s if not worse. 4 out 5 Americans are struggling on some for of government assistance, record poverty, record number of Americans on disability, 100 million out of work or under-employed.

Now tell me we are not in a stealth depression when we are constantly compared that era?! I’ve lost count of who and how many people make this comparison almost weekly yet we are told we are in an economic recovery!

His majesty couldn’t careless taking $100 million vacations to Africa and now exhausted from all the propaganda campaigns since his return is off to Martha’s Vineyard on our dime!