Mark Levin on Cavuto Torches GOP, Gov Christie and Obama on Scandals

The Great One called into Cavuto to address few issues today from Darth Hussein’s “phony scandals” charge, the lack of action from GOP to the NSA.

Levin said there should be a special investigative committee on the scandals that we don’t need this committee and that committee tripping over themselves. Will it ever happen when you have Boehner and the GOP flopping around don’t hold your breath because there is no political gain in their eyes. Will we ever have anyone held responsible for the abuses by the IRS? I’m not holding my breath and the same goes for Benghazi. I think we all can agree with Mark on where Obama was 9/11/12. He doesn’t want anyone to know he went sleep while he let 4 Americans die, who called for help 3 times. IMO the progressives in the GOP as well as the regime is just running the clock out on all the scandals.

When Levin addressed the NSA I was really hoping he would point out one major fact. While they are busy tracking everything we are doing, like me typing right now, all this surveillance was completely useless. The NSA collecting data date hasn’t stopped any of the attacks we have had on US soil. Levin made a great point when Gov Christie came up with reference to the NSA when he said terrorists come across our southern border or are here on expired visas.

Before the segment ended Levin got in one last shot calling out Karl Rove for setting up a PAC to attack TEA Parties.