Obama Mocks Republicans For Having No Jobs Plan, Laughs at Keystone XL Pipeline

Uh! Uh oh there goes the heavy stuttering! You know what that means.. someone is LYING! That’s what happens when you come off prompter Barry you start telling bold face lies. Hussein doesn’t want to hear anyones ideas unless they are in line with his agenda.

This clown takes shots at the republicants for not having a jobs plan but what is his plan to create jobs? Wealth redistribution, high taxes etc? When he drains the rich into bankruptcy and there is no more money what is his plan? How many jobs did we get from the $780 billion stimulus? Last time I checked 100 million Americans are out of work under Darth Hussein’s economic and jobs plan! The last 5 years of economic chaos is HIS ECONOMY as Charles Krauthammer said yesterday.

Only 50 jobs would be created from the Keystone XL pipeline? That’s all it takes to run a pipeline from Canada to Mississippi? Lowering the price of oil and gas not an incentive? Getting the US off being dependent on foreign oil not an incentive either? No of course they aren’t when you plan is for fundamental transformation… destruction!

Someone should tell him he won the election he can stop with the lies and propaganda already!