Rubio: ‘We Cannot Double Down On Bad Ideas Like ObamaCare’, Defends Immigration Reform

How is it Rubio can see how bad Obamacare is for the country but not see the “dramatic impact” ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty will have? Everything he says in this interview can be applied to immigration reform. Sen Sessions has made similar arguments against immigration reform like the case Rubio is making to defund Obamacare. Does this guy ever listen to himself?!

Rubio better fall on a sword to stop Obamacare after the ball he put in motion with RubioCare.

This “do nothing is amnesty” excuse is a just play on words and emotions. The only reason why there is a problem with illegal immigration is because all of the jerks in DC allowed it to get this bad. How about you geniuses in DC add crippling penalties to existing laws already on the books and enforce them Marco? How about you guys pass a border security bill? No, your solution to a problem is write new laws over 1000 pages that no one reads but supports.