MSLSD’s Melissa Harris-Perry on Detroit: “What It Looks Like When Government Is Small”

Detroit went under because of small government?!! Melissa Harris-Perry is certifiably insane! There are no tax revenues for a myriad of reasons and small government isn’t one of them. Those living in Detroit that were smart got out when it started deteriorating while many were forced to leave as industry and jobs dried up. And why did the industry and jobs dry up? Because of corruption, regulation and taxes! Who is responsible for the corruption, regulation and taxes?? Liberals!

This is what happens when you give democrats power decade after decade that a city once the hub of industry becomes a bankrupt wasteland! This is what happens when there is too much government involved not small government. Detroit was a small-scale experiment in how far liberal progressives could go, they have taken what they learned and applied it on a much larger scale in California.

California is on its way to ending up like Detroit with massive spending out of control debt, businesses and industry leaving, one party rule that panders to minorities and illegals. What people don’t realize is California’s economy is the 9th largest in the world, compare that to Greece which is the 13th largest! Knowing what we know about Greece, when… WHEN progressives tank California’s economy what do you think is going to happen to the rest of the US?

Keep voting democrats into power America it’s working out so well! Maybe when there are 200 million out of work you will “get it” since 100 million out of work doesn’t seem to phase you!