Rep Bobby Rush Defines the Insanity of the Left Debating Rep Steve King on Zimmerman Verdict

The point of this post is to once again show the left doesn’t want the facts to be presented. They will take every opportunity to pervert an issue for their agenda knowing well from past failures the only thing that works for them is pulling the race card. The insane lies Rush spews I know without any vetting will become fact to the zombie army. He knows this, and so do the rest of the race hustlers, they are bent on having Americans at each others throats, tearing this country apart.

Bobby Rush is a perfect example of how completely insane the left is. This man has zero information on the case and I will go as far as to say he only knows what was preliminarily released LAST YEAR right after the incident.

His argument and beliefs are the same as the majority crying foul over the trial that can only be considered as fiction… science fiction. He was asked for specific evidence of racial profiling where he chose to go off into never-never land dodging the question. This nut had the audacity to suggest Zimmerman broke his own nose!

Poor Rep King had to stand there and listen to this outrageous nonsense, quite frankly LIES! He offered contrast to the debate by discussing, when Rush permitted, actual facts from the case.

(I wan to make something clear, my opinions of Rep Rush being crazy has nothing to do with his impeded speech, which is a result of cancer. I know there is someone out there who will try to attack me over it.)