“Pure Detroit” A Look Into America’s Future

Satire piece from Steven Crowder but I challenge the left to refute it. Detroit has been under democrat rule for decades and it has gone from the hub of the US auto industry to now a bankrupt wasteland.

I know the commentary is amusing to hear but this video should really scare the hell out of people! The US is already on its way to ending up like this once great city. How many more examples do people need to see to get off their asses and start fighting back? What exactly is it going to take for Americans to stop with being Keyboard Patriots and to REALLY take to the streets and capitals?

Look at the left, look how quickly they are mobilizing to protest the Zimmerman verdict. The right, all you want to do is sit around chat about it. Tell you what, you go right on ahead talking and mulling it over. Just understand while you’re keeping your opinions to your close circle of friends and family because you’re afraid to act the nation is on its way to becoming one big Detroit!