Rush: I’m All For Legal Immigration

This caller is an example of what we are up against. So many out there who are uninformed putting words in people like Rush’s mouth. Rush nails it expressing how most of us feel “Our immigration system isn’t even “broken.” We have plenty of fine immigration law already on the books. It just isn’t being enforced, and it isn’t being enforced because Washington doesn’t like this law.”

DC is drunk on power and they need to legalize illegals to get their votes by pandering to them to stay in power. You see they know the people are wise to what they are up to so where else can they turn for a new pool of uninformed voters?! We have to stop them from bringing a bill to the floor. This whole immigration debate must die and if we are labeled racists then so be it! I’d rather be called a racist than see 30 million come into this country and kill the economy. This is what the power elite wants in the first place, to tank the system so they can restart it under their sick twisted progressive utopian dream!

I am quite concerned by the lack of activity on “our” part. Rubiocare will be worse than Obamacare and yet I see no protests, no marches nothing in opposition. You saw what people did against Obamacare and that didn’t work! Being silent with the threat of ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty is almost a guarantee the House will get something through to be combined with the Senates nightmare bill!