Sarah Palin: I Was Forbidden From Telling the Truth About Obama in 2008

Here is a question I would like answered: WHO told the potential future Vice President of the United States what she can and cannot talk about?! She mentions the brainiacs in the GOP and running McCain’s campaign but I want names. Are these the same people running their mouths today? Are they the same ones who “advised” Mitt Romney in the 2012 election?

We the people have a right to know who these people are manipulating candidates and the narrative.

I am sure Sarah has wised up since then and will speak her mind now but I find this very troubling because had Obama’s relationships with Ayers, Wright, his lack of experience talked about we might not be complaining on a daily basis about Obama and his radical destructive policies today.

Palin is right they imperial regime is up to something with all of these coordinated attacks and trivializing of the scandals. They are in a constant game of distraction. Their claims of fake and phony scandals and distractions ARE distractions from whatever they are up to. We must keep our eyes on what the other hand is doing!