Sharpton Fires Back at O’Reilly: Since When Are You the ‘Expert on What African-Americans Want?’

This race hustling piece of trash has nerve running his mouth about people exploiting others! Al left out why that teen got killed, which was because he chose to engage Zimmerman instead of going home! Why did that happen? Well according to Rush per Rachel Jeantel’s interview with Piers Morgan, Martin thought Zimmerman was a pervert and feared for his brother and himself being raped! So who profiled who Al? Who threw the first punch Al? Again according to Jeantel it was Martin.

The problem IS NOT THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AL. The problem is people like YOU keeping the black community DOWN. The problem is people like YOU AL lying to the black community never addressing the real problems O’Reilly pointed out where instead making everything about race that white people like Rush, Hannity and O’Reilly hate black people.

This race hustler needs to go back and listen… keyword there LISTEN to what O’Reilly said. This is about how Sharpton, Jackson, the media and Hollywood ignore the problems in the black community and push the lies, bad behavior and racial division. They don’t want to talk about the cause of the problems. When they do it is finger-pointing and blaming whites! Al of course wants this all to be about justice because he has no defense to the charges made by the right, this rant of his is proof!!

Oh and Al you don’t have to be black to know what “African-Americans” want. All you have to do is listen to some of them and you would know what those on the right are saying is true because they listen to the black community. You know the ones you ignore, that you don’t want acknowledged because they are saying the same thing!