Trayvon Martin’s Mother, Sabrina Fulton, Blames “Stand Your Ground” For Delinquent Son’s Death

No it’s NOT going away. This story will haunt us for a very long time as it is a tool now for the left to once again dance on the graves of the dead to attack gun owners and laws.

I understand Fulton is a grieving mother but someone needs to sit her down and explain to her she is being used. Her son was no angel he was suspended three times from school, was caught with women’s jewelry, smoked pot and bragged about fighting. Trayvon could have gone home but chose to confront Zimmerman and it went bad. They both were wrong that night but why should gun laws be put to blame for one’s actions. The worst thing about this is Stand Your Ground was NOT used as a defense in the Zimmerman trial yet Fulton, Tracy Martin and the race hustlers USING them will have you think otherwise. How many people are alive today because of Stand Your Ground laws?

Why should responsible gun owners be punished for the actions of a few? Why is it the needs of the few or the one outweigh the needs of the many?

Those of us that are pro-Second Amendment have to Stand Our Ground to protect our rights.