Sen Sessions Urges Colleagues to Not Be Swayed By Immigration Lobbying Efforts

The ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty bill must be stopped this fall. As Sessions outlines our economy cannot sustain legal citizens how can Congress possibly expect it to stand the addition of 11 million++ of low skilled illegals? The senator calls out progressives are only interested in cheap labor at the cost of Americans ability to get a job at a decent wage.

Best worker at the lowest price will get hired and we know who that is. I’d like to know why illegals allow themselves to be modern-day slaves? Aside from driving down wages taking jobs from Americans why are so many willing to accept being slaves to the progressive machine in the US? Is being used and abused your idea of freedom? Do you illegals even realize that you are being used or is that the trade-off for the free stuff?

I think we know the answer, at least we know what your price is to sell yourself out while destroying the last beacon of freedom in the world!

Granting illegals amnesty in the US will cripple the already struggling job market and economy. There is nothing wrong with our current immigration policy, we have a border security problem all of which is being sacrificed to create a permanent dependent entitlement voting class.