Judge Napolitano: Military Action Against Syria is Illegal Under International Law and It’s Illegal Under the Constitution

The Judge telling it like it is but it doesn’t matter since obama never follows international law let alone abides by the Constitution!

“I’ll tell you why under international law these are accepted international standards that every civilized country has accepted. You can use military force to attack somebody that’s attacked you or you can use military force to attack someone that’s about to attack you. Neither of those apply with respect to Syria. You can use military force to come to the aid of an ally that has been attacked when the ally asks for your assistance that doesn’t apply.

… you can use military force to enforce international norms against a government that violated the international norms when authorized to do so by the United Nations and that hasn’t happened here. So under none of the four standard ways to use military force under international law with this aerial assault or troops on the ground whatever it becomes if it happens apply.”

Congress is the only one capable of keeping his majesty in line. If they give him authority he can do anything he wants including sending troops into Syria. The President can wage war but not declare it. Congress can declare law but not wage it. This is key for all to understand and right now he doesn’t have the votes. We need to keep it that way, if he does he will start a regional war and potentially world war.