Mark Levin Discusses “The Liberty Amendments” at the Reagan Library

The Great One recently spoke at the Reagan Library about his new book “The Liberty Amendments”. Aside from STR Tactics Levin’s book lays out the powers the Founders put in place for the people to fight back against the tyranny from our very own government.

Through Article 5 of the Constitution the states can propose Amendments to the Constitution bypassing the standard procedure of going through Congress. It has never been done before but it is possible if we can get enough states involved. It’s safe to say many states under progressive control will not participate in suggested Amendments like term limits for Congress and SCOTUS, or changing tax day to the day before election day!

If you are looking for what we can do on a government/ state level, what Levin proposes is that solution you are looking. He also explains the left won’t be able to hijack this process either!