Obama: Assad is No Threat to the US

Ok well if by your own admission your imperial worshipness that Assad is no threat what gives you the authority under international law, let alone under the Constitution, to strike Syria? Syria has not attacked the US nor are they about/ imminent threat to attack the US, no country has been attacked asking for US aid, and since Syria NEVER signed the UN treaty on chemical weapons they are not in violation where the UN would authorize action!

Assad’s military wouldn’t stand a chance against our overworked military who, on their WORST DAY, would stomp a mud hole in his forces. Obama mocks Assad’s war machine but he left out the fact Syria and Assad are sponsors of terror. The emperor left out Hamas, Hezbollah, AL Qaeda terror cells that are all over the world including in the US. These are the forces Assad is referring to in an earlier interview with Charlie Rose that we should expect anything. The people in the regime cannot be as naive as the joke potus?! This guy and those in the administration cannot think this one dimensionally can they? OR are terror attacks exactly what they want for a bigger scheme?!

I think this is the concern of many Americans aside from getting into a larger fight with Iran and whomever else piled on. There are a lot of countries waiting for the opportunity to hit us hard, but terror cells are standing by waiting for the “go” to hit us on our own soil. Terror attacks on the US are coming it’s just a question of when!