Welcome to the US Police State: Cops Arrest, Assault, and Harass Kids in Auburn, WA

Let me make something abundantly clear: I do not know what initially got the police on scene and why the first kid/ teen, on the ground, was put under arrest. I am posting this over the conduct by the officers that follows whatever the initial event was.
1) Children (that is what they are until they’re 18) are NO THREAT to police officers, even smart ass ones mouthing off, what these cops did was way out of line!
2) It is not a crime for a child or adult to question and film police officers, or has the First Amendment finally been rescinded?
3) Pay attention to the EXCUSE the officers use to detain/ arrest the kids/ teens that are asking why the first kid/teen is being arrested, “you are now impeding our investigation”. This is a common EXCUSE used by bad officers to arrest an innocent person in most cases, be it child or adult. “Impeding an investigation” is too wide of an EXCUSE for an officer to use; they can use that for just about anyone standing around watching. I have also seen vids of officers saying that someone simply filming from a distance is “obstructing an investigation”.

More and more examples are presented showing police abusing their power and authority. Again for all we know the first kid/ teen being handcuffed broke the law and is getting what he deserves but to threaten the others with arrest, striking them, is unprofessional and uncalled for. There is a right way and a wrong way for officers to do their job.

The bad cops are making things worse for the good cops like this guy….

That is an example of a good cop building relationship and trust with kids in his community! Those of you with short fuses in law enforcement, turn your badge in you aren’t cut out for the job!