Rep Ellison: GOP ‘Weaponizing’ Debt Ceiling

Like a typical dem, but worse a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, Keith Ellison points the finger of blame at the republicans for EVERYTHING the democ… socialist are guilty of creating.

If Ellison’s comments weren’t insulting enough, regime propagandist, Stephanie Cutter chimes in and LIED that democrats aren’t the ones talking about a shutdown! Her boss and all of the demoncrats have been ranting like banshee’s all summer about it while the rebels in the House and Senate have been saying otherwise until they are blue in the face.

I cannot come up with any other word to describe the lies and deception these “people” are engaged in other than to call it pure evil!

I have never seen so many so well-organized and coordinated to push an agenda like this bunch today. This nightmare we are living in is 100 years in the making and these evil people are bent on destroying whats left of this country. When obamacare goes into full effect I hope there is chaos, mass economic turmoil because I am going to ram it all down liberals throats. They want to play this game that the progressive republicans like McCain and company have sided with them on fine let them. These SOB’s are going to own this nightmare and when someone is denied care because of the rationing that will take place under the death panels aka Independent Payment Advisory Board people like myself will make sure obama down to local liberal drone has that person’s blood on their hands!