Rep Peter King: Sen Ted Cruz is a “False Leader”

The only phony and false leader we true conservatives see are jerks like King who have come out of the progressive closet to show the nation who they are! This guy like McCain, Graham, McConnell, Boehner etc is no conservative do not allow him to associate him with “our” movement of Saving the Republic. Ted Cruz spent 21 hours exposing the nightmare called obamacare that this piece of trash from New York has done absolutely nothing to stop!

Ok let’s get the story straight boys and girls guys like Petie King run their mouths attacking Cruz, Lee and company but these jerks have sat idly by, allowing obama and the socialist party to bulldoze over the country moving us closer to fundamental transformation destruction of the USA!

Any conservatives left in NY need to throw this jerk out at the first chance possible. Those in doubt and the naysayers never forget CO voters did it so can you, if you have the will!