Rep Peter King Attacks Sen Ted Cruz: ‘He Should Keep Quiet’

Republican Reps King and Duffy appeared on CNN to debate defunding obamacare. Thats right two republicans battle over whether or not the most destructive piece of legislation should be defunded! We should welcome this civil war in the republican party because the destroyers of the Republic are coming out of the shadows!

Peter King I’d like to thank you again for reminding Americans which side you are really on. Clearly Ted Cruz is doing something right because all the progressives are coming out of the woodwork now. The battle lines will be pretty clear in a few days starting tomorrow when we see who voted against defunding obamacare in the House.

Blitzer ran off a quote from Karl Rove and I’d like to ask who made Rove God? This guy doesn’t have that great of a success record in campaigning post Bush or calling presidential elections. The republican establishment has already drawn a line in the sand that they are against whats best for the people. These people are more concerned with politicizing an issue to position themselves to benefit from being on the wrong side, lying that they are acting in our best interests.