Rush Limbaugh Interviews Ted Cruz After Epic 21 Hour Filibuster (Full Interview)

Cruz spoke with Rush after his 21 hour filibuster that is now under attack by the progressives in Congress. Ted Cruz is one of the few leaders we have left standing for the American people. Anyone coming out attacking Cruz IMO is an enemy of the Republic. These monsters are not listening to the people instead doing what they want advancing their agenda and a tyrannical government. Rebels like Cruz and Lee are listening to the people and trying to do what is right where radicals like Harry Reid and John McCain care only about their agenda.

Cruz took some great shots at the media calling them “Hollywood gossip columnists”. He also made it clear he and Mike Lee have been talking about defunding obamacare ad nauseam refuting claims by the republican establishment they weren’t consulted. Cruz’ filibuster was to send a message to the nation not DC that people have got to take a stand. He knows the futility with what he did in putting a fight on in the Senate just understand it’s about getting his message out to so many Americans who are beaten down.

We all have to stand and fight as Ted did, for 21 hours, to stop this train wreck! People need to set up camp at the Capitol, if you are within range you need to get there and demand this law stopped!