Shift in World Power as Dem Heitkamp Says ‘We’re Trusting the Russians to Come to the Table’ on Syria

This is an example of a historic moment! Did you know that? History was made in the last 24 hours and it probably hasn’t hit most people yet, but it will. The US has lost its superpower status! The world always came to the US to lead in times of crisis but it was Russia who came to the table with a solution to avert war!

Sec Kerry sarcastically suggested yesterday that Syria should hand over their chemical weapons during a press conference.

Watch it again he wasn’t serious, he threw his arms up in defeat, after all many from the regime like Ambassador Power said all alternatives were exhausted. Not too long after Kerry spoke, Russia made a formal proposal to take control of Assad’s chemical weapons stockpile. It’s probably going to happen, so much for all the alternatives huh!?

Once upon a time the US would have been the one to make that proposal and muster world support. Yesterday that role of leadership was handed over to the Russians by the most incompetent, inept, complicit, pathetic American administrations in history. I could be wrong on this shift and Russia being the new superpower only time will tell, when the next crisis hits lets see who the world runs to for a solution.