Senators Cruz, Lee and Paul Speak at Exempt America From Obamacare Rally

All three Senators spoke today at the Exempt America From Obamacare Rally to energize Americans to stand up against the regime to defund obamacare. We don’t have much time left to stop this train wreck bill which will destroy our health care system and economy.

Our biggest problem is the GOP leadership (Boehner, Cantor, McConnell) who are not taking this call to defund obamacare seriously. These progressives had no problem entertaining votes to repeal 0-care but now to defund it they run and hide behind the lie of a government shut down. Ask yourself why Congress, members and friends of the regime are being granted waivers from participating but we the people are being forced into this law? If it is such a wonderful program why are so many running from it seeking exemption?

America let’s get something straight, the rebels in DC are calling for funding to continue to all government programs and agencies and to only stop funding to obamacare. The only ones talking… terrorizing the country with a government shut down are the emperor, demoncrats and RINOs. Even if it were true a government shut down is not that big of a deal we have had MANY of them! We just had one for the last 5-6 weeks(Congress summer recess) and the nation didn’t collapse!

Time is not on our side to stop this obaminable law do whatever you can to pressure your representatives to support defunding the health care law.