Fundamental Transformation Achieved?: More People on Govt Assistance Than Working Full-Time

108 million Americans are on some form of government assistance program supports my standing argument we are in a stealth depression. This also supports my charge of over 100 million Americans are out of work! Look at the amount of economic damage obama has done in just over 4 and a half years!

There is no economic recovery, there never was we are just in the eye of the storm. Obama and his radical communist policies are now putting the final nails in our economy by taking down our healthcare system with the disaster known as obamacare.

I’d like to ask those of you who support this administration and all its policies a question: When the money runs out how do you plan to pay for more free stuff? Heres another, when you have more people doing nothing not working on the government dole exactly how does the economy flourish?

Printing money only devalues the dollar and we are on our way to repeating history. The US IMO will dwarf what was experienced in the Weimar Republic and during the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

This redistribution of wealth is creating a permanent dependent entitlement uninformed voting class. There is no way to reverse it. Look around companies are cutting back they are not hiring. We produce nothing in this country, and now under these radical communist policies there is no incentive for businesses to move forward, all that potential has shifted overseas.

The US is on its way of becoming a third world nation, so be sure to thank obama voters!