Glenn Beck Goes Off On Obama’s ‘Marxist Propaganda Bullcrap’

This was Glenn Beck’s opening monologue from his radio show breaking down the hypocrisy and abuse by the imperial regime. Beck cited everything from the NSA, obamacare, doing favors for friends of the regime to the countesses abuses of power and how this potus.. this dictator is pushing his will on to the people. None of it should be of surprise if you know his majesty’s connections to marxists, socialists, radical extremists we are living out a well planned agenda to destroy the Republic where only a few in Congress stand in the way!

As Beck continues he finally hits the breaking point in a fiery fervor that builds up over the lies and deception about how his majesty is willing to talk but doesn’t, won’t get us answers on Benghazi, is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and countless other bullet points pushing his “Marxist propaganda bullcrap”.