Michele Bachmann: House Could Impeach ‘Dictator’ Obama

At this point with the book of lies and criminal acts committed against the people of America it’s time for those in Congress claiming to be on the side of the people to take action. We the people are getting tired of hearing members in Congress, like Michele Bachmann, talk about impeaching obama. His move to arm Syrian rebels alone is not only impeachable but an act of treason as such a move would be aiding and abetting our enemies in the middle east. The House could move to impeach but this would be a “stain” on obama’s record. Those in the democratic controlled Senate are complicit with an act of treason by not holding the emperor accountable as it would take this body to remove him from power.

If it were any other president we wouldn’t be even be discussing this it would already be in motion or over at this point! The democrats to date are the most obstructive and destructive collection of elected representatives this country has ever seen.