Harry Reid: ‘Why Would We Want To’ Help One Kid With Cancer?

What’s obvious is the socialist party doesn’t want anything funded except obamacare. Reid and his radicals just showed how callous they are. During the gun debate they all chimed that if we could save just one life, one child, we should do whatever we can. That got thrown back at him and he couldn’t careless!

Harry Reid and Barack Obama shut the government down. The dopes in the GOP have backtracked and passed several measures to fund government these two monsters have rejected. The piece-mail approach would at least get programs back up and running like the NIH (National Institutes of Health) but the monsters refuse! They want obamatax fully implemented to create their permanent dependent entitlement voting class that is what this is all about. If a few kids die from cancer so be it, especially since death panels will be a part of our lives under progressive rule!