Rep Waxman Blames ‘Private Sector’ for Failed Obamacare Roll Out

Waxman is a lying POS trying to blame the private sector for the obamacare website failure. This progressive drone left out the fact a Canadian company, CGI Federal, was contracted out to build the site. There are plenty of websites in similar operation today that get MORE traffic than this failure socialists continue to lie about getting too many visitors. The obamacare website cannot even hold the “Made in the USA” moniker! Blaming the private sector is a direct shot at capitalism to say “you see the private sector (aka capitalism) doesn’t work anymore govt can do it better.” I’m surprised Waxman didn’t blame Ted Cruz for the website failure since Cruz is the new GW Bush!

Progs love to compare the rollout of obamacare to Apple Computers which is an insult. I’d like to ask why the regime didn’t go to any US tech companies to build the site in the first place?! He will praise them invoke them in his speeches take campaign donations etc but won’t let them build the site?!

Why? I’ll tell you why if you don’t know by now; the regime wants obamacare to fail to open the door for single payer!