Rush: GOP Has Made A Decision Not To Exist

The GOP is dead in the eyes to most conservatives for a while especially after the 2012 election. What took place over the last couple months was for many of them hammering the final nails into the coffins of their political careers.

Republicans allowed socialists and establishment consultants to control the narrative which was an outright lie of default and that obamacare couldn’t be defunded. I hope you all took notes of the progressive cockroaches who finally came out of the shadows! #DEFUNDOBAMACARE care is officially dead but there is a new hash tag to replace it: #DEFUNDTHEGOP!

Honorable good republicans like Lee, Cruz, Gowdy, Gohmert etc will survive because of their principles. Others like McCain, Graham, P King etc you backstabbing progressive RINOs who have launched an all out attack against conservatives and the American people should be very concerned.