Congressional Democrats Give Obama 72 Hours to Fix Obamacare Disaster

Demoncrat socialists are in complete panic now over the obamacare rollout failure. Socialists like Franken, Durbin, Landrieu, who are up for re-election along with others like Feinstein are now trying to come up with legislation to allow people to keep their health plans. The first problem with that is the plans for over 5 million people are gone there is nothing for them to keep. The next problem is with the admin where the Minister of Propaganda made it clear they will not accept any legislation presented by republicans OR democrats to modify the law! Obama wants this carnage America he doesn’t care who burns for this massive power grab. Do you really think he will submit to a 72 hour threat/ deadline?!

That said all these dems coming out now against 0care threatening to join republicans are the definition of hypocrites. This also proves
TED CRUZ WAS RIGHT! So all you dems and obama supporters you wanted this you got it!

One last thing I have to point out, a lot of this news should have hit LAST YEAR BEFORE the election. The regime as reported delayed the rollout of the rules and regs for insurance companies to keep the headlines you see today from burning his majesty’s re-election. At this point there is no doubt through executive action obama STOLE the 2012 election from Mitt Romney.