Hannity Destroys Former Obama and Pelosi Advisor Over Obamacare and Project Veritas Video

These obama people are some of the most deceitful and despicable people I have ever seen. I found it shocking Qualls suggested that this healthcare plan is a republican plan from the 90’s because I highly doubt if they did it would have gotten passed with the mandate. But you see this is all democrat socialists can do at this point with obamacare collapsing is look for someone else to blame. So if that means blaming republicans for something over 20 years ago then by all mens they will do it!

I’m still looking for the video of obama saying 95% of the people can keep their health plans but for some reason no one seems to have it, not even the official white house video page! None of that really matters because these technocrats know whats best for us. We all have crappy health care plans according to progressives and now senior citizens can rejoice because they will have pediatric dental care and single gay men will have the maternity coverage they so desperately need!