Govt Redistributes $2+ Trillion In 1 Year

Economic justice in full gear under the obama plan for fundamental transformation. The rich are paying their fair share along with the middle class who both account for the 57% of Americans who actually pay their taxes. All this money ends up in the hands of the hoopey changey voters which is unsustainable. The USA is a welfare nation whose primary source of income is from the service industry. We produce nothing as that wealth has already been handed off to China, Malaysia, India, Mexico etc. No nation can survive under this model, economic collapse is inevitable. And you know who will be to blame for it all? Capitalists!

Yes yes evil capitalism will be blamed for the economic disaster coming our way. “The greedy corporations drove business overseas” will be heard from every socialists mouth. In reality it is the evil socialists who have driven corporations offshore to produce their widgets with all the high taxes, govt red tape, EPA, unions etc. Other nations do not have to put up with all of this nonsense like America has to no thanks to progressives.