CBS: Obama White House Knew Of Website’s ‘Limitless’ Security Risks Before Launch

The regime knew about all the problems associated with the launch of obamacare because it was designed to create havoc and fail. There is no way anyone would allow a program/ law with so many problems go forward if they were concerned about the political consequences. His majesty and the regime are working towards the bigger picture to get them into a position where they will have complete power and control.

There is no way the regime will allow a shift in Congressional power because of the failures with obamacare. The emperor cannot risk losing power in the Senate and the House staying under republican control; his last two years in office would be devastating and possibly dangerous for the nation as he will act by Executive Order.

Even with a damaged site it is still functioning for some and many are being asked if they want to register to vote during the sign up process. I do not know and maybe someone out there can confirm whether or not those who are signing up for Medicaid are being given that option? If so that will only strengthen my argument. I predict early 2014 we may see a “remedy” offered for this nightmare. It will be a bill with hints of single payer or a single payer bill all together hidden under some title deemed to fix obamacare.