Minister of Propaganda Against ‘Keep Your Plan’ Fixes: ‘We See That As Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater’

America, democrats and republicans, pay attention to what is being said. The white house is against anything being presented by either party to fix the problems with obamacare! Plans cancelled are now gone you can’t get them back and taking measures to stop any further cancellations of health plans people were told they could keep are off the table!

Democrats and obama supporters are you listening? You have been duped to go along with the fraud committed by the president of the United States! The imperial emperor does not care about the American people and the chaos this law is creating. He is not sorry for those who have lost their coverage and the millions more who will lose theirs too! This is and was always about power and control.

If this isn’t a brazen example of a power grab I don’t know what is! Those of you who fell in love with the lies of hope and change and healthcare for all do you have any idea what you have done? You have shifted a massive amount of power to the Executive Branch who will use the IRS to enforce this law NO ONE WANTS!

You voted for obama, you did this and you have blood on your hands!