Investigative Filmmaker to Megyn Kelly: Terrorists Are Coming Across the Border at Will, Amnesty Not Obamacare Will Be Obama’s Real Legacy

Investigative filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch warns Megyn Kelly the border is wide open with millions of dollars in assets not being utilized to protect the nation. “…the leaders in this country, the majority of them are cowards not defending and protecting the American workers or the American lives.” Border traffic is up 70% since obama started talking about amnesty and the worst part of it, as Lynch, explains is that approx 50% of those crossing the border are OTM’s (Other Than Mexicans).

Ask yourself this question, if the govt cannot run a simple website for healthcare exactly how are they going to handle background checks for 20 million illegals?!

There has been barely any news coverage about the regimes desire to grant amnesty while the entire nation is distracted with obamacare which was designed to create the chaos we witness everyday. The radicals in DC on both sides of the aisle are and have been working on the illegal alien amnesty bill they will make a run at passing before year’s end.

You know how bad obamacare is for the US as you see it everyday and it isn’t even fully implemented yet! The same dirtbags are going to push an immigration amnesty bill that is just as bad as obamacare. If amnesty is passed combined with the damage obamacare is doing the US social and economic systems will be set on an unavoidable collision to total destruction.

You sat idly by watching Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee fight to stop obamacare while it was business as usual in DC. No mass protests, nothing even remotely similar to the TEA Party and conservative movement to stop the law the first time around. America if you choose to sit back again waiting for and letting just a few true leaders like Cruz and Lee take on the immigration fight this nation is done.

NO ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY BILL CAN EVEN BE BROUGHT TO THE HOUSE FLOOR FOR A VOTE! The risk is too high where DC will pass a bill through behind closed doors in the dark night like they did with obamacare!