Obama Meets With Business Leaders on Immigration Reform, Plans to Pass Amnesty Before End of the Year

WARNING! The regime is going to try to pass immigration reform before the end of the year!

Can you guess when they will do that? It will be the same time they pass all their tyrannical laws against the will of the people. America I’m telling you if you let Congress pass immigration reform in the middle of the night like they always do we are done! You sat idly by with obamacare over the last year and now we are feeling just the tip of the iceberg of the nightmare coming from it. Do you really think this govt can be trusted passing an amnesty bill?

Do you like working part-time? Do you like the cost of living skyrocketing? Do you like democrat majorities that render republicans/conservatives powerless? California is a perfect example of what will happen to this entire nation if amnesty goes through. Do Not Take This Lightly.

Congress, here’s a thought instead of another immigration law how about enforcing the ones on the books? No of course not that makes too much sense and doesn’t allow you progressives to build your new voting base! His majesty talks about making illegals pay fines, learn english etc etc, uh huh exactly who is going to make sure all of this is getting done? Let me guess the govt will have a website set up for those on pathway to citizenship to do it all right?!

The House allegedly has the votes to pass immigration reform you know why? Where’s Paul Ryan? Yep! Ryan and Rep Luis Gutiérrez have been MIA from the obamacare and even the shutdown battle working behind closed doors on an amnesty bill. Ryan PROMISED they would have something ready after October.. well here we are!

Obama: House has votes to pass immigration reform
by Rebecca Kaplan / CBS NEWS
In a meeting with business leaders to discuss immigration reform, President Obama predicted that there are enough votes in the House to pass the contentious issue.

“Although right now there’s been some resistance from House Republicans, what’s been encouraging is that there are a number of House Republicans who have said we think this is the right thing to do as well,” Mr. Obama said Tuesday at the White House. “It’s my estimation that we actually have the votes to get comprehensive immigration reform done in the House right now. The politics are challenging for [Speaker Boehner] and others, and we want to make it as easy for them as possible. This is not an issue where we’re looking for a political win, this is one where we’re looking for a substantive win for the U.S. economy and the American people and the businesses that are represented here.”

Mr. Obama met with CEOs from Evercore Partners, Motorola Solutions, Deloitte, Lockheed Martin, State Farm, Marriott, Blackstone and McDonalds to discuss ways to move forward on immigration reform. Business leaders have been part of a coalition that includes labor, faith, high-tech and agriculture leaders to push for legislation.…more