Fmr Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino to Kuhner Report: The Admin We Have Now We’re on Very Dangerous Turf

“…the administration we have now we’re on very dangerous turf. Everything to them is using politics and the tools of government as a weapon to get ahead.”

Dan Bongino spoke on the Kuhner Report expressing his concerns for the American people of the dangers from this administration. He doubled down his feelings of the admin using the tools of govt as a weapon on The Kelly File and how the emperor is treated like some cult figure where anything he says is not questioned.

No one ever questions obama and it is dangerous for the nation because if you think you are safe you could very well be the next one targeted by this regime if you get out of line.

Bongino stated “take the man at his word fundamental transformation of America, his words not mine! Folks what really fundamentally? When you say you “fundamentally want to change America”, think about that? He’s not talking about he wants to fix the economy.. fundamental change, that’s a bold term! What about our country needs to be fundamentally changed? That doesn’t scare you?”

Pay close attention to what he has to say about Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod. This should give you true insight from someone who saw the other side of the admin into their reach and power. They are truly using Chicago style thug tactics at the highest level to intimidate and get what they want.