Minister of Propaganda Refuses Seven Times To Answer What Their ObamaCare Goal Is For Nov 30

I find it amusing the minister of propaganda won’t give a goal even though Todd Park stated today they were still shooting for the obamatax website to be working by Nov 30th. Anyone want to make bets this thing won’t be working properly come Jan 1 2014? Sebelius reported that 106,000 have enrolled with fewer than 27,000 signed up for obamatax throughout the website, which is still a dismal number from the 7 million they need to make the thing work. Where exactly are they going to get the money to make this thing work when they have to kick in all the subsidies? Yea you guessed it, the middle class will be footing that bill too.

There are countless insurance websites you can go to right now to shop for insurance that work and didn’t cost 100’s of millions of dollars. The obamatax website failure is a symptom to a bigger problem that will end bad for everyone. The domino effect it will have on the economy will cause more job loss and lower revenues not just for companies but for the govt as well!

If you want to tank an economy this law and all its problems are perfect to do just that!