Mark Levin: We Have A Ruling Class In Washington DC That’s INSANE!

The Great One was fuming over the deceit and lies built into obamacare and then fired away at the elitists in DC. Countless number of demoncrats who supported and voted for obamacare are now doing a 180° to pass legislation that in effect will do what Ted Cruz was trying to accomplish.

Ted Cruz was right he and the other rebels tried to stop this train wreck that is now unfolding before our eyes. We all knew this was coming but the ruling class in Washington DC didn’t want to listen. No of course not because they know better and they had a better plan… that plan was to leave obamacare alone and go forward with the rollout.

By allowing it to rollout out instead of supporting a move to defund or delay the obaminable law people have lost their plans and cannot get them back. People’s health plans are gone because insurance companies had to make changes to be in compliance. Progressives want you to believe otherwise to save face while they step forward with calls to delay and defund obamacare. All these monsters now in panic mode are doing exactly what they condemned and attacked Cruz over. So I have a question are those now calling for a delay or defunding of obamacare now arsonists, anarchists, extremists, hostage takers, and terrorists?!

All I have to say at this point is there is a warm place in hell waiting for all of these elitists.